Victor Dauda Tarfa

He is an award winning International Speaker, Corporate MC/Moderator, Trainer and author of the book The Seasons of Life. He has worked in several cities across Europe, Africa and the United States of America with global brands like Global Woman Magazine in Albania, London and United States, Timeless Conference in Nairobi Kenya and Kigali Rwanda, Radical Conference in Accra, Ghana, Bethesda Project in House of Parliament, London, Global Authors Awards in London, PlayNetwork Abuja Nigeria, Redefine Success Summit, Lagos Nigeria, Diplomat centre Yola,

He has also worked with brands like Undefeeted, EBW2020, DVG Star, Off the Street (Charity), Octo5 Based in Lagos, Nigeria, to mention some.

He has featured on media in London on Global Woman TV, Gotel TV Yola , Nigeria, Gotel Radio, Sovereign Magazine, KTV Kenya, Omega TV London.

He has also received awards for being an Inspiration and Great Leadership.

Victor believes in power of the process of transformation starting from the mind. If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we act, and we can change the results we create.

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